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P & C Telehealth Program

Telehealth – Vital part of future Healthcare

-Aligning technology with high quality patient care

-Rural Hospitals shouldn’t feel like a remote place without access to timely and specialty care.

-P & C specialist and hospitalist can be beamed to the bedside to treat patients 24/7.

-Reduced cost

-Create viable regional network

Rural Telehealth
-Provide prompt medical services to the patients
-Increased patient and family satisfaction
-Reduced transfers to tertiary hospitals
-Increased census and serve underserved communities.
-Immense help to the administrators who have to deal with constant challenges of recruiting and retaining physicians.
-Improved quality and consistency of care through 24×7 access to expertise
-Reduction in locum cost

Benefits for Regional Tertiary Hospital
-Increased Market Share
-Increase community/regional presence
-Appropriate patient destination
-Bed utilization for “critically ill “ patients
-Reduced Medicare Readmissions
-Improved relationship with smaller hospitals
-Give hospitals a competitive advantage

-Followup in the Rural speciality clinics
-Increased referral to Tertiary Care hospital clinics


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